Football: everyone’s debt, punishment for some

By Alexandra Santaella Benítez

There are many people affected by this great crisis, many abandoned houses and many unpaid debts. Debts that acquire different meanings and different consequences depending on your debtor.

Lover, practitioner and follower of football, I write from a real vision, a criticism of a dome that forgives millions of football companies debts and condemns small and medium businesses that have to pay 21% VAT in advance of invoices not collected. #The UEFA has already condemned those who spend more than they enter without being able to compete the following season, as is the case of Málaga. We are constantly looking at Europe as an example of greater economic and social recovery . Maybe, just maybe, we are ignoring the parts that do not interest us, they say that there is no blind person who does not want to see.

The Higher Council of Sports calculates that the debt with the Treasury of Spanish football is approximately 752 million euros. But there is no need to worry, this debt will be repaid in the same way as that of Bankia, Novagalicia, Catalunya Caixa and Banco de Valencia. In fact, Valencian citizens are already working to collaborate with the 118 million euros that the Generalitat Valenciana has to face for endorsing Valencia CF, Elche CF and Hércules CF.

Now we all understand the real cause of the crisis that some politicians have defended: “People got into mortgages that they knew they could not pay .




… The candidacy of Florentino Pérez as a continuator of the Merengue project lives, to this day, its lowest hours. The scandal Mourinho, the bad policy in signings, the disappearance of the quarry and the defeat of the team in the 3 most important competitions of the year (League, Champions and Cup), 2 of them against their eternal rivals, have changed their image a lot to the hurt white hobby, who no longer sees in Madrid an exciting future for the best Club of the twentieth century.
… In this sense, and in spite of the hard conditions required for the presentation of candidacy to Real Madrid (seniority as a member of the Club for a minimum of 20 years, an endorsement of 15% of the budget of the entity – currently of € 75 million – and to be in a position to respond with one’s own personal patrimony) voices of possible alternatives are already beginning to be heard that would prevent the continuity of Pérez by popular acclaim, of being the only candidate for the elections. Something that happened in the last campaign.
… A group of sports journalists have prepared first, and then contacted, a list of possible alternative candidates to the figure of Florentino, who would receive, from the PRISA Group, financial aid for the payment of the required endorsement and media support during the electoral campaign . Among the names that sound strongly would be those of the well-known Juan Manuel Villar, son; Borja Martínez Valero, son of the former president of Burgos; Eugenio Martinez Bravo, and the veteran Merengue player Manolito Sanchís, who has always expressed his desire to stand for presidential elections.
… Meanwhile, the Club, with an interim president, continues to drift with its blind policy of signings, without knowing which will be the next coach to step on the Bernabéu. Ancelotti or Heynckes. For the time being, a deep removal in the team is announced without keeping in mind the future tactical scheme of Madrid. Higuaín, Coentrao, Di María, Diego López and Varane are safe. And Isco arrives (for 20 million more Callejón or Morata). This is signing for signing. The worst: the renewal in the air of Cristiano and Xabi Alonso and the bidding of Gareth Bale for 50 million euros, as Florentino’s strategy to better impetrate the forgiveness of the fans. Something similar to what he did in his day with David Beckham. In short, we fall back into error. We do not leave Groundhog Day.