Online payday loan offers without payroll and properties

Getting fast loans without payroll is no longer a problem, as long as you have a regular, sufficient and justifiable source of income you can obtain the financing you are looking for without providing any physical guarantee. Discover the entities that allow you to get quick loans without payroll and properties:

What are quick loans without payroll and properties

Quick loans without payroll and properties are financing products that are requested and granted quickly, that does not require a payroll as a source of income to allow us to access the loan we are looking for and that to obtain it, it will not be necessary to present a guarantee or guarantee. There is a large number of quick loans without payroll or endorsement with different characteristics that will allow us to cover one need or another according to their conditions.

On the one hand, we have the quick mini-credits without payroll with which to get up to 750 euros in minutes to deal with small incidents that may arise. On the other hand, there are also personal loans with which to get more than 3,000 euros and up to 60,000 euros in just 48 hours to carry out large projects. In addition, there are also other ways to get quick loans without payroll and properties such as credit cards, P2P loans or quick loans.

Requirements for quick loans without payroll or property

Although it is possible to obtain quick loans without payroll or property, it is essential to have some kind of compensation that allows the entity to know that we can deal with the repayment of the loan quickly without problems. In order for our income to be considered valid, they must meet the following conditions:

  • Regular: the salary we receive must be monthly and lengthened in time, that is, the entity must ensure that every month until the end of the term of the loan we will have an income that will allow us to repay the loans without problems.
  • Enough: the amount received should allow us to meet the reimbursement of quick loans without payroll and property and also deal with the other usual expenses such as rent, mortgage or bills.
  • Justifiable: it is essential to present a document certifying that we received such income and that it is regular and sufficient. This document will be the “guarantee” of the entity.

The self-employed, pensioners or sometimes people with unemployment benefits are some of the people who have valid salary alternatives. In addition to our income complying with these requirements, we must also comply with other general conditions such as being of legal age, having a DNI or NIE and not being registered in a defaulter file.

How to apply for fast loans without online payroll

In order to access the online payday loans, the vast majority usually offer them through the Internet, since in this way the automated processes can be applied and thus be granted even more quickly- apply online here. Although each entity will have different protocols, the vast majority agrees to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the amount and the term that we want to request as well as the purpose of it. Thanks to the use of online simulators, by choosing these parameters we can know the final cost of the loan before starting the application.
  2. Fill out an online form with our personal and economic data. These data will serve for the entity to make a preliminary analysis and grant us a pre-approval. This process usually takes a few minutes.
  3. Once pre-approved we must send the documentation requested (identity document, bank statement, and proof of income) or attached to the website or via email. Some entities allow quick loans without payroll or paperwork thanks to the use of online identification applications.
  4. With all this information the entity will perform the full analysis and send us a final approval along with the credit agreement, which we must read carefully and, if we agree with all the clauses, sign and resend the lender.

When the entity receives the signed contract, it will make the deposit of the money requested in the account that we have indicated in the online form. When dealing with quick loans, this process will take around 15 minutes in the case of the mini-loans and 48 hours in the larger loans.

Can I get quick loans with ASNEF?

Yes. It is possible to get fast loans without payroll and with ASNEF. As we have seen, provided that we have the regular, justifiable and sufficient income to cover the repayment of the loan, we will not have problems in obtaining financing. Being in ASNEF our range of possibilities to obtain financing will be reduced, but there are companies that offer fast loans without payroll and with ASNEF without presenting an endorsement or a guarantee provided that the debt for which we are enrolled meets the following conditions:

  • That the debt for which we are enrolled does not exceed the limit imposed by the lender. This limit will vary according to the risk policies of each entity, although it is usually at 200 euros maximum.
  • That the debt does not come from a non-payment to a financial institution, that is, that is not due to not having been able to cope with the repayment of a loan or the installment of a credit card or an overdraft in the account.

If we comply with these two additional requirements, we will not have problems in obtaining the financing that we seek without endorsement. If we need more money from the account or the debt for which we were enrolled in the listings does not meet one or both conditions, the only way to obtain quick loans will be with a guarantee or a guarantee.